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Welcome to anncooksketo.com  If you are here, then you probably already have some of your own thoughts or perceptions on what "Keto" is. What you will find with my blog is my WOE (Way Of Eating) may be different than yours and that is ok. We don't have to agree. I am sharing what has been successful for me and my approach may or may not appeal to everyone. I can promise you this, I have had amazing success with this WOE, I have never been happier while trying to lose weight, and I wouldn't change a thing.


Not your typical Ketoian

I am a Cooking Champion - literally - and that love and skill for cooking got me in trouble. Fat, 40+ and fabulous wasn't so fabulous. I found Keto and took that intense passion for cooking and found a new way to use it. AnnCooksKeto.com has added immense value to my life, and I love having the chance to share my passions and wonderings. Explore my site, watch my videos, read, try and share my recipes, and, mostly, enjoy.

I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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Keto-Friendly Herb Chicken Salad

March 8, 2018

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March 8, 2018

Chicken salad is an easy to make-ahead dish that can be used through the week for lunch or last-minute dinner. I am all about making it once, eating it many times. Our days are busy, making a new meal from scratch each and every time is not necessary. This recipe yield...

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